Why I Am a Working Mom – Part 1: Working For a Reason

Why I Am a Working Mom – Part 1: Working For a Reason

Part 1: Working For a Reason

Many moms find themselves working because they need the income; others work because they simply enjoy working. I am blessed to say I am one of the latter.

Despite the many advancements this world has made, the evolution in a great deal of thinking, a lot of people still believe that if a mother with young children is working, then she is most probably doing so out of financial need. Otherwise, she would be staying at home, caring for her children.

To begin with, I always respect every person’s decision and beliefs. I respect that some mothers prefer to spend the first years caring for their children at home, and then looking for a job once they start school. However, I do hate the fact that some people perceive working mothers with young children as irresponsible, uncaring or selfish.

Let me tell you this: THAT IS NOT CORRECT.

Many mothers that I talk to—even those of grown children—don’t have a vision or a plan to work, they simply enjoy the freedom of the day while their kids are off at school.

On the other hand though, there are mothers like myself, who don’t enjoy spending their weeks so leisurely; having coffee with friends at a cafe one day, another outing another day, and then shopping the next three days. Instead, they prefer to invest this time in work. This is not a judgment of who is right and who is wrong, but a personal preference, and I chose mine.

Ever since I elected my major in university, I knew I wanted to choose a study that I would still be able to practice even if I had a dozen children. I wanted to choose something I would love to do that could provide me the flexibility to work from home if circumstances changed. That’s why I chose multimedia designI loved designing and filming, and I knew it was a study that could be done remotely, and the more I engaged in it, the more I fell in love with it.

There were two primary reasons I wanted to pursue my passions:

  1. I love the ability of accomplishing something myself and feel proud of it
  2. I deeply wanted my children to see me as a working mom
  • A mother with a GOAL
  • A mother who works hard in order to reach what she likes
  • A woman who feels proud of herself and is independent
  • A wife who shares a similar mindset with her husband

That is what I want my children to see—a gift I can give them. This is another way of parenting and of teaching my children. While there are many methods in which I can teach my children, living by example is one. Being a working mom is a practical lesson for my daughter, to give her the motivation and strength of knowing how to live a meaningful life with a goal. Being a working mom is a solid example for my son who will learn how to share duties at home because every one of us in this house work hard together.

So for all the working moms out there, whether you are working because life is currently requiring you to or because you choose to or because of both, I salute you because you are setting a great example for your children in your own way, just as stay-at-home moms do in their own way. And never feel guilty the next time someone gives you the surprised look of disapproval when they see you holding your one-year old and know you work!

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