I am my own hero – coronavirus awareness for kids

How to prevent ourselves from viruses, and make use of our time

When schools shut down because of Corona, just like all parents, my husband and I were worried our kids get more scared of how serious it is hearing about it all around, and had same questions as all of you, of what will we do during this time!

My husband and I sat together, and planned this booklet with love, passion and positivity. From our hearts, we thought of simplifying the knowledge so kids don’t worry about it anymore, yet raising awareness of the precautions that need to be taken. We mixed it with NLP and life coaching, since my husband is a certified NLP practitioner, to enhance kids’ self esteem and self growth, and topped it with fun activities for kids to enjoy with their families. We made sure it strengthens the bond among the family and the connection with God.  

This booklet is not intended to be a source of scientific medical information

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