Contrast of Fears

Contrast of Fears

Thank you God for the #blessings in my life. الحمد لله حتى يبلغ الحمد منتهاه

#throwback to this piece of diary that I wrote when I visited Damascus 2 years ago, and today, after the#airstrike attack on Syria Friday night, I feel the same! 

| Contrast of Fears |

When my only fear at that hour (5 am) was that my children would wake up from the sound of room and bathroom doors opening and closing as we all got up to pray Fajr, other parent’s biggest fear was that those bombs we were all hearing, and they were also witnessing and feeling, would fall over them and causes them to lose their kids’ lives as well as theirs. If the sound from a distance where we were at was already terrifying how did those people under attack feel?It made me look at my children and thank God a million times for all the blessings in my life. Being safe and FEELING safe is priceless.

May Allah be with those people under attack. May HE subhana wa taala protect them from all harm.

يارب نحمدك و نشكرك على نعمة الأمن و الأمان. اللهم اني أستودعك نفسي و أهلي و أولادي وبلدي عندك انت الذي لا تضيع ودائعه. اللهم احفظنا و احفظ أهلنا في سوريا بعينك اللتي لا تنام. اللهم أبعد عنا كل شر و بلاء و مصيبة و مرض يارب العالمين

May 12, 2016

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